What is cowgirls’ barrel racing?


PREBLE COUNTY — Surveys have shown that cowgirls’ barrel racing is one of the most consistently favorite events of rodeo throughtout the country. Winners and losers in the barrel race are often decided by a mere thousandth of a second, and this timed race is particularly exciting to watch.

The cowgirls’ barrel race is single race in which the riders run the same cloverleaf patter around three barrels. The contestants may begin with either a left or right barrel. Time begins when the contestant crosses a starting line and ends after they have had completed the pattern and crossed back through the finish line. Horses used in this event are generally Quarter horses with considrable thoroughbred blood mixed in for extra speed.

Barrel racing horses are trained extensively and only the very best horses have the the ability to turn in winning times consistently. It is not easy for a horse to run at full speed, slow down from such speeds, and make a 180-degree turn around a barrel. Those that can do are considered uncommon to rare.

Cowgirls’ barrel racing will take place at the upcoming International Professional Rodeo Association Championship Rodeo at the Preble County Fair on Aug. 1.

This is part three of the 1st annual rodeo championship at the Preble County Fair

By Oliver Sanders

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