Volunteers needed for food safety study


By R-H Staff

OHIO — The Ohio State University, OARDC campus is conducting a food safety research study to discover effective ways to provide educational information to parents of young children who are susceptible to foodborne infection from bacteria called Campylobacter. These bacteria are commonly found in turkey and chicken products. If the bacterium gets into the home or public environment because of poor sanitation, children could become infected even if they haven’t recently eaten turkey or chicken. Parents need knowledge about how to kill the bacteria and how to prevent their children from being exposed to Campylobacter in the environment.

This study will help determine if the internet or social media are effective tools to convey this critical information to parents of young children. Volunteers must be 18 years or older and be the parents, grandparents, foster parents, or legal guardian of a young child or children ages 1 to 9 who live in the home. Only one adult per household may participate in this study and this person should be the one who selects and prepares the food for the children in the home. Volunteers will be asked to complete a survey sent to them by email at the beginning and end of the eight week study. Between the surveys, three or more emails or texts per week for six weeks will be sent to each volunteer with internet links to educational materials for them to read at their convenience. Study participants will be paid $20 for their time.

To participate in the study contact Pat Holmes at the Montgomery County Ohio State University Extension Office, [email protected] or call 937-224-9654 ext 102, for more information about the study and how to enroll.

By R-H Staff

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