LEWISBURG — Have you noticed the school ads and fall clothing commercials? Summer, according to the media is almost over. Well, we’re glad that our calendars say summer is still here. Even the thermometers know the difference. Snow and cold weather will arrive soon enough.

Upcoming events

July 20 — Neighbor Night Lewisburg. Trinity Lutheran Church invites all to join in this meal. Meals served from 5 p.m. to 6:30. Informal worship at 6:30 p.m. Lots of food, fun, and friends.

Splash pad open daily from 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Enjoy the cool water while enjoying the heat.

Upcoming events

July 28 — Quarter Auction TCN Community Center The doors will open at 6 p.m. and bidding will begin at 7 p.m. Admission is $5 which entitles you to one paddle. Pulled pork and chicken dinners will be served along with sandwiches and drinks. Items being auctioned include: Lowe’s and Kroger’s certificates, Reds and Dragons baseball tickets, Victoria Theatre tickets, pizzas, Vera Bradley bag, and other great prizes. For more information, call Diane Shrout at 937-962-4224

Bicentennial 2018

Lewisburg has a number of homes still occupied that date back to the 1800s. One example is the “Hoerner House”, also referred to as the “Wedding Cake House”. It was built in 1850 and is highlighted by a beautiful spiral stairway leading to the second floor. It still stands at its original site on Commerce Street, which was then called Main Street and was part of the unincorporated town of Euphemia.

July birthdays

July 7 — Ryan Alley, Quentin Seery

July 8 — Sean Madigan, John Stedman, Kaden Powell

July 11 — Kailee Donohoo

July 12 — Dessica Sykes, Herman Baker, JUDY MAYRER

July 13 — Joanna Hunt

July 15 — Kyle Sewert, Emma Ferguson, Skyler Hawley. Happy Anniversary: Stephen & JoAnna Combs. Always remembered: Bob Booso

July 16 — Bobbie Jo Harris, Nathan Blankenship

July 17 — Jason Bowser

July 18 — Judy Schaefer, Kevin Dearing, Nathan Cole

July 19 — Always in our hearts: Ed Booher

July 20 — Happy Anniversary: Mike and Ashley West

Shout outs

The Historical Association would like to announce that the Singer’s Blacksmith Shop will be open the last Saturday of each month from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Forge demonstrations will be conducted. Plan on stopping by for a small piece of history. Mark your calendars for July 30.

Girls, Girls, Girls

Holidays are a great time for relaxing and, if we are lucky, spending time with family. Janet and I both got lucky over the Fourth. Janet’s sister, Rita, came down from Michigan and my son, Kevin, and his family were here from Texas. Lots and lots of catching up to do on all sides. Why can’t time pass as quickly in a dentist’s office as it does when visiting with family? Too soon they are on their way back home.

In closing

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” — Leo Tolstoy

This past week has been straining for our country. Everyone has opinions and everyone’s opinion is important. Wouldn’t it be great if all could turn to the Same page and stand together in understanding and harmony?

‘There is spirit; there is grace in our peaceful country place.’ See you ‘Around the Burg’!

With Janet & Judy

For The Register-Herald

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