DNC 2016: Pa. delegation stood up twice by scheduled speakers


PHILADELPHIA — The Pennsylvania Delegation was stood up twice Wednesday by two scheduled speakers.

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont was supposed to speak to the group at its breakfast meeting Wednesday, creating a buzz throughout the delegation from the time it was announced Tuesday night. But as delegates gathered, they were told that Sanders had to cancel due to a scheduling conflict.

Marcel Groen, chairman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, made the formal announcement from the podium and told the delegation that Hollywood actor Danny Glover would soon be there to address them. Glover never showed either.

Most were disappointed, but their spirits were given a lift by Attorney General candidate Josh Shapiro, who delivered a rousing speech on how he will represent all Pennsylvanians and that he will assure they are protected from scams, fraud and criminals at all levels.

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar also spoke to the delegation and was well received by the delegates, but many were wondering where all the top Democrats have been. Pennsylvania is a battleground state and expected to play a key role in the November election.

Many were left wondering why some bigger names haven’t been before them to rally the troops.

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