TCN 7th grader wins big with first turkeys


EATON — Twelve-year-old Lane Kerby, of Lewisburg, did very well in the sale of champions at the Preble County Fair with his very first turkey. Wilt, a bronze broad breasted turkey, was reserve grand champion, selling for $1,325. A four year 4-H student, Kerby entered two goats, one pig, two turkeys, and one chicken this year; he raised and entered turkeys for the first time for the 2016 fair.

The two turkeys, Wilt and Walt, were among three survivors from an original group of 20, most of which were eaten by predators.

“The broad breasted brawn,” said his mother, Carrie, “came over with the pilgrims, and was considered wild. They were meat turkeys, and they would breed them, but when they picked the feathers, the pins would leave marks on the meat, and they didn’t like that. They cross bred them with the white Holland turkey, and that’s where you get the white broad breasted brawn. It’s uncommon to have a bronze broad breasted turkey [like Walt] win so high because when you pull the feathers, it’s got the little black marks.”

When asked how Walt managed to sell so high, she replied, “He was just a good turkey.”

Lane, who will enter 7th grade next week, said, “It’s been pretty good. The only sad part is getting rid of your animals.”

Carrie and Lane Kerby, of Lewisburg, with turkey Wilt. and Lane Kerby, of Lewisburg, with turkey Wilt. Duante Beddingfield | The Register-Herald

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