Camden Village approves parking ordinance, more


CAMDEN — On Thursday, Aug. 18, Camden Village Council discussed old business concerning Cottage Street and an Ohio Public Works Commission funding application.

Council held the third reading and vote on an ordinance regarding closing all street parking along Cottage Street between North Main Street and Depot Street. The ordinance notes, the village is allowed to enforce fines and penalties which include the following:

No motor and transport vehicles are permitted to park on Cottage Street between North Main and Depot Street, along both sides. Violations will be assessed a $30 fine to be paid within five calendar days, or be penalized up to $40 should the initial fine not be paid within five days. The ordinance was approved.

Council also held the third reading and approved an ordinance regarding authorization for the village to submit an application to participate in the Ohio Public Works Commission for funding for capital and transportation improvements along West Central Avenue. This will provide funds to conduct capital improvements the council deems as priorities.

During the meting, Kent Garber, a government contractor, asked for permission to build a handicap ramp for Lois Thompson of 96 South Second Street. The ramp will be five feet away, along Hendricks Street, to her house. She has been approved for funding by the Home-Is-The Foundation (HIT), a not-for-profit organization in Preble County who provides affordable housing options in the county.

Village Administrator Nelson McKeever reported his crews installed a two-inch service order tap for the bulk water access for the Klapper business property. A meter reader was properly installed. McKeever also noted, refuse items scattered all over town are being removed by the village crews within a timely matter, while other items are currently being bagged by the residents.

The Camden Town Hall team reported the blacktop at the town hall location is in need of repairs — efforts are under way to place gravel in spots to prevent water buildup.

According to officials, several water meters still need to be replaced in certain village locations. McKeever reported the initial use of a new utility vehicle has been given good reviews.

A motion was made to fix a generator switch at the local plant. McKeever noted, it is very difficult to conduct safe power routing and shutoffs during emergencies without it. The motion passed.

Council discussed prices on another Gator utility vehicle for the village to be used for water tank transporting and other tasks. Members approved of spending up to $8,500 on a vehicle.

By Oliver Sanders

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