Public safety: Eaton Police reports


EATON — The Eaton Division of Police filed the following recent incident reports:

Friday, Aug. 26

Disorderly conduct reported at Village Pantry, Inc., 124 S. Barron St.

Theft reported at 808 S. Maple St.

Criminal mischief or damaging reported at 110 South Court.

Animal complaint at 412 Elmwood Drive.

Animal complaint at 609 Oakland Drive/Willow Drive.

Noise complaint at Village South, 400 Village South Drive.

Saturday, Aug. 27

Theft reported at Dr. Smokey’s, 1575 N. Barron St.

Drug offense reported at 200 E. Israel St.

Noise complaint at Williams Pkway/Aukerman Street.

Sunday, Aug. 28

Theft reported at 107 S. Franklin St.

Animal complaint at East Chicago/North Barron Streets.

Disorderly conduct reported at Fort St. Clair, 135 Camden Road.

Theft reported at Pizza Hut, 1732 N. Barron St., Eaton.

Monday, Aug. 29

Disorderly conduct reported at 1202 Aukerman St.

Crimimal mischief or damaging reported at 316 S. Beech St.

Motor vehicle theft reported at 813 Poplar Drive.

Theft reported at Eagle Trace Apartments

Theft reported at 409 Elmwood Drive, Eaton.

Theft reported at 704 E. Decatur St. Arrest was made.

Tuesday, Aug. 30

Theft reported at 119 Debbie Drive.

Motor vehicle theft reported at St. Clair Academy, 116 W. St. Clair St.

Theft reported at 408 E. Israel St.

Theft reported at 909 N. Maple St.

Theft reported at 1450 Apple Drive.

Disorderly conduct reported at 110 W. Chicago St.

Fireworks complaint at 308 W. Chicago St.

Wednesday, Aug. 31

Noise complaint at 300 S. Barron St.

Burglary/breaking and entering reported at 526 S. Maple St.

Noise complaint at Aukerman Street/Eagle Lane.

Theft of medication reported at 124 W. High St.

Animal complaint at 321 Liberty St.

Theft reported at 1100 Aukerman St.

Theft reported at 505 Buckeye Drive.

Thursday, Sept. 1

Animal complaint at 711 E. Somers St.

Theft reported at H&R Block, 124 N. Barron St.

Animal complaint at 502 Division St.

Friday, Sept. 2

Theft reported at 209 Walnut St.

Disorderly conduct reported at South Street/Elmwood Drive.

Theft reported at Walmart, 100 Washington-Jackson Rd. Arrest was made.

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