‘Prayer in the Park’ to battle heroin problem


EATON — In an effort to address heroin abuse and other addictions, Ware’s Chapel United Methodist Church is holding a Prayer in the Park event on Thursday evening, Sept. 29, at 7 p.m.

“Who would have thought that the rural community of Preble County would become ravaged with the rampant use and abuse of illegal drugs? With Interstate 70 running through the county, the availability and constant presence of illegal drugs are taking a heavy toll,” church officials said in a press release.

According to the church, a dedicated committee has been meeting regularly to plan a “meaningful and helpful event for all persons affected by this scourge.”

The endeavor will be outdoors and is not a revival nor an attempt to increase Ware’s Chapel’s weekly worship attendance, the church noted. “This is a sincere effort to go to God in prayer and ask his guidance for a serious problem.”

The committee has an hour-long program planned. There will be appropriate scripture, group singing, and lots of praying, according to organizer. In addition, there will be comments from recovering addicts and other inspirational words by the proper individuals. The activities will also feature special music.

There will be regular folding chairs in place, but attendees are urged to bring a lawn chair. After the event, several resource personnel will be available for further information concerning where and whom to contact.

“Addiction of an individual has far ranging effects on family members, friends, businesses, safety, finances, and employment; all bringing negative relationships. This activity of an evening of prayer is a way to address this and bring about a positive result,” organizers noted.

Ware’s Chapel VanAudsal Park is adjacent to the church on Foos Road. Foos Road is one mile west of U.S. 127, 10 miles north of Eaton, two mile south of West Manchester. The church was established in the 1830s on donated land, and its newsletter denotes its purpose to be a beacon to all, presently to be a beacon of hope in order to decrease this problem. “This endeavor is sincerely intended for all to come and join a collective prayer approach to rid our area of a problem that has resisted many other approaches,” church officials encourage.

The members of Ware’s Chapel invite the public to join them in “praying away this addictive practice.”

“Bring a friend, an interested person, someone struggling with addiction,” organizers said. “All will find an accepting and a friendly, welcoming, helpful environment.”

R-H Staff

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