Letters to Santa: Stacy Herrmann’s class at Camden Primary


Dear Santa,

I’ve alway’s wanted Christmas to come. I have been working hard. I have been cleaning my room. I want a mermaid tail, a Barbie, a makeup set, high heels and a dress.

Love, Alysa

Dear Santa,

I want a bike because my bike is a 13 and its to small for me, oh and trust me I’ve been good. I want it to be blue and red. And please make it blue, red, yellow and scarlet gray. It needs to be a size 20.



Dear Santa,

What I wan’t for Chrismis is a intorkom because I play school all the time. Next I wan’t a walky toky because it is coold how you can talk throw them.



Dear Santa,

I went a hoverbord for Christmas because I have been nice. I what psfour because I have been nice to my mom. I what a dog because I have been kindfull. love Evan

Dear Santa,

I want a new spy drone because mine broke while I was flying it with dad and I was good. I want tow rc cars I did chors with mom.

Sincerely Colton


Dear Santa,

I want a phone for Christmas because I thank I been good in school this year and been nice to people to and also listin to my teacher a lot also I do what my teacher ways to. I also help my friends when they are hert. These are some of the reasens why I dazerv a phone. your friend

Toby Graham

Dear Santa,

I have ben good. I want a hachmll. I have ben doing good in school. I want a lol doll. I have ben good to my brother Beck. I wint hachmll decdbll. I do everything to hellp my family. I woint mony.



Dear Santa,

I want a huverbord for crismiss Ferst, Because I hav goten good grad’s Next, I want for crismiss is a PS4 and a tv for me to play in my room.



I really want a virtual reality headsets and wi-fi.

Love, Jericho.

Dear Santa,

I want a strech arm strong because I’v gotin good grades becaues it strechis and he is very very very very very cool.

Sencerle Tommy

Dear Santa,

I would like a Barbie house and a slime Jar and a mermaid tail. Love,


Dear Santa,

I want a tv becaes my sister always fites with me and smack me I want a tv for Crismis Santa with a dv player and a ontiu.



Dear Santa I want a ipad. Next, I want a play hose. Then, I want hugihmoll. Last, I want doll. These are some of the thing I want.


Dear Santa,

I rilly want some noo closeys. Because it is a nice closeys. I t will be bronds.

love chance

Dear Santa,

I realy realy want LOL superise dolls. Why I want them because I’ve bean very good at school. Next, I want smooshens because I’ve bean nice to Lily and violet. last, I want a Barbie house.

love, Eliza

Dear Santa,

I wut sum pokmon ceurds because I have bin Good. I wut a TV because I alwas help my mom make diner.

to, santa

Love Grant

Dear Santa,

I went a Bay ullav and a huvrbor and a chanblene and a Big chraf and a dog. I went ALL of this Buak I have Bin good.

Love, Makayla

Dear Santa,

I want a Dinosuur beuase I ben good like helping my mom. I want a wolf toy beuase my mom is sick and my dad is sick and Ib’b helped them. What I what I would like is a grone because I stop being men.

Dear Santa,

I want a hatchimal for crismis becues. I ben good at home. Nexst, I want a toy becuese. I had a good grade. last, I want a sleeping bag becuese. I ben good at home.

fome. kelly

to. Santa.

Dear Santa,

I want a mannden 18 I think for Chrismas. nice I think been good grades in school. I relly want a new bed for Chrismas I’ve been good. This year I want a brand new ipad.

your best friend


Dear Santa,

I want my own hover board becase I,m so cute. I want a PS4 2 remot contrats becase I kinda nice. I want a steff curry blanke becase I’m kind.

love, will

Dear Santa,

i wht t. have drin bow slim for chrismis. Pley an tin BotrFly. and I wht havt. a woned an woman blaahck and Wohedok woman pelo. and a bowhaow and a pelo se wuh. and a sordil.

Love, Haey

Dear Santa,

What I wuht, for Chrismis a HuvrBord and for my my Buthr Walyn Jams a Llitin emukwen and a LOL Dol my love Kaelyn.

Dear Santa,

what I wont is a ipad because mine brooke. next, I wont is a fin gerling that is black. last, I wont is a pair of boot s. I would like these thank s because thay are speshel




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