Writer warns of speeding on East Avenue



This letter is to address the speeding on East Avenue in Eaton.

Our city street is used as a 35 bypass around town and the city does nothing about the speeding. Yes, at request, they have put up the speed trailer for the last three years, but I believe it only reminds speeders while it is there, and most not even then.

I have sent messages to EPD regarding my concerns about this situation on the avenue and nothing has been done or addressed to my knowledge. I have been told they will increase their patrol presence, and while this may have happened, they need to start ticketing violators and make it known that while you may use this route to by-pass town, speeding will not be tolerated within the city limits and that 35 mph does not mean 45 or 55.

I emailed the mayor, Gary Wagner, first on Aug. 7, 2018, and again on Aug. 14, 2018 and have yet to receive an acknowledgement to anything I have sent him. I stressed in my email that maybe the speed limit should be 25 mph and then they may go 35 to 40, who knows. I also used the city of Brookville, as an example on their city by-pass of Wolf Creek. They have addressed the speed situation and changed the speed limit to 25 mph,and they strictly enforce it and people get the message after they have paid fines.

Now we have semis using the avenue as the city by-pass. How long will the new street last with this happening? This is a neighborhood that has families, children, and elderly using the street. Do these same people speed in their neighborhoods? Will it take a horrible accident for the city to do something? I would hope they would step up to the plate before that happens. As taxpayers we have a voice and try to be good citizens of our community and as such, our concerns should be taken seriously, and something done to change the situation.

Leta Donohoo


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