Writer urges: ‘vote Smith out of office’



Our state representative J. Todd Smith is showing that he doesn’t represent us; he represents everything that’s wrong with politics. His most important job as a member of the State House is to pass a budget every two years — in fact, the Ohio constitution requires it.

As a Republican, he’s part of the party that controls every branch of government in Ohio, so it shouldn’t be too hard for them to get it done. Instead, Rep. Smith and his colleagues failed because of infighting and because they refuse to actually put their heads down and get to work.

Right after they failed to pass the budget in the last week of June, J. Todd Smith was photographed for social media fishing and having a grand old time. Imagine that: failing at your job and then bragging about what you’re doing on vacation.

It’s time that we — the residents of the 43rd Ohio House District in Preble County and parts of Montgomery County — vote Rep. J. Todd Smith out of office. It will go a long way to getting our state government back on track.

Charlie Claywell


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