Sullenders: vote ‘yes’ on ECS issue



I write this piece to voice my unequivocal support for the upcoming .75 percent income tax renewal, benefitting the Eaton Community School District. I am a graduate of Eaton as well as a mother of three sons who have graduated from Eaton High School. Dave and I still feel it is of great importance that as a community we support our local school system. ECS not only provides a quality education but also myriad strong extracurricular activities in the areas of music, sports, FFA, drama, and clubs.

I serve as an accompanist for the musicals and excellent music program. I also am a substitute teacher for Eaton Community Schools. Therefore, I can attest to the quality and dedication our educators provide daily for our children’s education. We have a premier Performing Arts Center, athletic complex and beautiful campus buildings. These facilities are a great asset to our community.

A good school system provides those unaffiliated with the school increased property values, and provides and prepares the next generation of leaders in our community with a proper secondary education.

I strongly believe, as the school system goes so goes the community — and vice versa.

I also believe so strongly in the merit of this levy because this it comes at no additional cost to the taxpayer. It is simply a renewal. Likewise, Social Security will not be taxed.

Over 2,000 students and families will continue to benefit from the tax already in place by generating approximately $2,000,000 for ECS for 5 years, money to be reinvested into young minds and educators.

Everyone should work together to promote the health, well-being, and learning of all students. So, on Nov. 5, I urge you to vote “yes” for the renewal on Issue 9.

Dave and Marcia Sullender


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