Writer: Haber [being] selected by his colleagues suggests cronyism


Letter to the Editor of The Register-Herald:

My best wishes for Mr. David Haber, our new Preble County Commissioner. It’s an important and sometimes thankless position, one in which its members often find themselves between a rock and a hard spot.

That said, I question the method by which he obtained the job, although I do not question his ability to make good decisions. The process was done according to the State of Ohio Constitution which delegated the responsibility to the Preble County Republican Party Central Committee of which Mr. Haber is chairman. He may be fully capable and well-qualified for the position if elected by voters. To be selected by his colleagues suggests cronyism.

There were other qualified applicants for the position who are not associated with the committee and who could have been chosen without leaving the stigma of “good ole’ boys” politics.

I am a registered Republican, but this “smoke-filled back room” type of decision-making is not indicative of good Republican policy.

Dallas E. Montgomery

Eldorado, Ohio

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