Writer supports Noble for Eaton School Board


It is with great pleasure and pride that I write this letter of support for Lisa Noble, my candidate of choice for election to the Eaton Community School Board. I have known Lisa in a variety of capacities throughout the years. First as a friend and neighbor, and secondly as a professional colleague and concerned community member.

A better candidate to serve as a board member for our schools would be difficult to find. For over 35 years, Lisa has devoted her entire professional career to instructing and guiding this community’s children with great insight, vision, and compassion. She has set constructive and worthwhile values and goals in shaping young minds and future community members. This has been her mission throughout her lifetime and she has masterfully succeeded. She has gained the respect of the administration, her fellow teachers and peers, along with 1000s of students, and is seen as a stellar leader within the entire educational system.

After retiring from the classroom a few years ago, Lisa was not ready to quit. She continues to be a substantial influence in her role as a supervisor for future teachers studying at Indiana University. In addition, over the past eight years, she has served our community as a very involved and competent school board member and serving as board president for the past four years. This past year has been a major challenge for those in charge of the school community and educational process. Lisa and the board have had to make some tough decisions and choices in regard to the learning process, and Lisa has done it with thoughtful consideration for all involved. Our students have fared well under her direction and guidance.

Lisa is a “team player” and a seasoned “voice of reason “ in a sometimes turbulent environment, thinking “outside the box” to promote growth and learning, keeping our schools safe and focusing on the future.

If re-elected, Lisa will continue to serve us well and have a positive influence on our entire community. When you go to the polls on Nov. 2, I highly encourage you to vote for a lifetime of dedication, experience, wisdom and knowledge. Vote Lisa Noble for Eaton School Board.

Mary M. Steiner

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