Camden Council warned of invasive vegetation spreading in Preble County


CAMDEN — Camden Village Council was informed of a variety of invasive species of vegetation spreading through Camden during the public participation segment of council’s meeting on Thursday, April 7.

Tom Crumbaker addressed council during the meeting concerning the spread of Golden Bamboo and the Bradford Pear tree.

Crumbaker began his statement by explaining which species of bamboo he has noticed becoming prevalent in Preble County.

“It’s called Golden Bamboo, and there’s some of it in this town,” he said. Crumbaker explained Golden Bamboo grows along waterways and shorelines at an extremely fast rate, and “they displace the natural vegetation. Much like the honeysuckle here, you can take it and get it out, but you just have to keep after it all the time.”

Golden Bamboo, commonly known as Fishpole Bamboo, grows at an accelerated rate due to its underground rhizome, a system of roots which grow horizontally beneath the soil. According to Crumbaker, this is the cause for the level of invasiveness Golden Bamboo possesses. He proposed implementing a city ordinance which would forbid the growth and possession of Golden Bamboo within city limits.

Golden Bamboo is not the only invasive vegetation Crumbaker drew council’s attention to, mentioning also the Callery Pear tree has taken root in Preble County in large numbers.

Council members Kelly Doran and Kate Duskey noted the Callery Pear tree, also known as a Bradford Pear tree, is on the list of noxious vegetation, and is now illegal to buy, sell or plant.

Crumbaker explained to those present that the Bradford Pear tree was manmade to be sterile, however the tree adapted out of sterility, reverting to its original state, the fruit bearing Callery Pear tree. The pears produced are eaten by wildlife, which is then disseminated largely by birds, yielding considerable numbers of this invasive vegetation around the county.

Crumbaker reassured council it is not too late to, “nip it in the bud,” offering his service to identify and notify council of any invasive species he sees during the budding seasons.

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Camden Village Council meetings take place the first and third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at Camden Town Hall.

By Nathan Hoskins

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