AAA HealthCONNECT launches new member service for 55+


DAYTON — AAA HealthCONNECT powered by ProMedica is launching in Cincinnati and Dayton to help 55+ year olds navigate questions and challenges that come with healthy aging. When members are in need of assistance, information, or resources to make informed decisions about their various life transitions or find themselves as a caregiver for a loved one, AAA HealthCONNECT is there to assist via phone or by web with solutions to help make these type of situations easier to handle.

People spend numerous hours researching information to help them and their loved ones thrive beyond 55. However, it is difficult to know if the information found can be trusted, accurate or reliable. AAA HealthCONNECT is designed to save time by providing access to well-trained member navigators, carefully curated, reliable information, and vetted, trusted resources — all through a single, easy-to-use membership solution.

“As we move through the journey of healthy aging, finding the right support system to navigate retirement, manage our health, or simply to learn and share experiences can make a difference in our members’ lives. This time in a member’s

life shouldn’t be challenging. AAA HealthCONNECT was developed for our members’ needs, curated and relevant to their age, and we will be with them as they navigate through their healthy aging journey” said Kathleen Krueger, AAA HealthCONNECT CEO. “Our team of Member Navigators provides guidance that help make those experiences enjoyable.”

More than two years of extensive research and focus-group feedback was the foundation for the development of AAA HealthCONNECT in providing a solution to support healthy aging for this underrepresented demographic. Through expert advice and a supportive community, AAA HealthCONNECT offers a unique member-based solution for healthy aging. Members have access to:

•24/7, 365 days a year access to a website of curated and reliable information

•Experts who can assist in the simplest to the most complex, sometimes overwhelming, topics including Medicare, Retirement, Social Security and Caregiving

•A vast library of knowledge and self-service tools to address common challenges and concerns

•A free online fitness membership

•A member community that is supportive and experiencing the same life changes

•Member Navigators who can connect them to information and solutions when they need it

An online marketplace offering member-only pricing on products and services to meet their daily needs.

This business partnership is led by Krueger, a former ProMedica executive, and Josh Peyton, Chief Operating Officer and former Automotive Solutions executive with AAA Club Alliance, the 4th largest AAA club in the nation. There are administrative offices in Toledo and a member navigation center and marketing support in Cincinnati.

“AAA HealthCONNECT is a member community. By joining, you have access to our Member Navigators who are real people, answering your calls, listening to your needs and providing quality information and resources,” said Peyton.

“You can also find others like you who are in similar situations, willing to share their experiences and make connections along the way,” he added.

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