Commissioners hear from Microfilm Board, others


EATON — During their Monday, July 11, meeting, Preble County Commissioners received reports and updates from the Microfilm Board and Records Department, as well as from Beth Wright with the county recycling program.

Erica Davis, Director of Microfilm, updated commissioners on the current process of moving county systems to Cloud storage, which would give sensitive and important information redundancies, in the case of system errors. Commissioners expressed their support and intent to move county documentation to Cloud storage, and believe the process will make it easier for everyone in the county to access vital information.

Davis informed commissioners her intent is to migrate old documentation to Cloud storage as well, while keeping original and hard copies at another location. Though Davis admitted $7,000 dollars a year for a subscription to Cloud storage is, “a little bit expensive,” she noted it would save the county the more frequent and often higher costs of microfilming.

Commissioners also held their quarterly recycling meeting with Beth Wright, the Assistant Director for the Preble County Solid Waste District. Wright explained some issues she has encountered with recycling bins and dumpsters being used for regular trash and food waste, as well as being filled beyond their capacity. This creates a problem with Rumpke, as the waste disposal company cannot empty the containers under hazardous circumstances, and either charges the county a fee for clearing the buildup, or Wright has to clear it herself.

“I know that the (recycling bin) in College Corner, there was an entire recliner shoved in the middle of the bin. Which, took some effort, I would think,” explained Wright.

“The goal of our board here is to not have you pulling your truck and trailer around and digging trash out. Don’t, under any circumstances, pick up trash and haul it into the landfill. None. One, because it’s a huge risk for your health and safety. Number two, our landfill is questioning the tonnage that is being brought in and it’s throwing their numbers off on the backside,” remarked Commissioner Adam Craft.

Commissioners are now reviewing other options to having Wright clear the hazardous materials, with the possibility of more frequent trash and recycling pick-ups in consistently overfilled zones.

Wright also gave updates on aging equipment and vehicles in use for the purpose of recycling. The commissioners gave Wright the go-ahead to investigate updating the equipment, or renting comparably better equipment for large events, such as the Preble County Fair, the Preble County Pork Festival and others.

Wright also updated commissioners on a policy committee meeting, being held July 15, which was open to the public. The meeting went over solid waste disposal goals, and “doing the most they can with what they have,” general education. Wright commented, the meeting was an opportunity for the public and the commissioners to get up to speed with recycling in Preble County.

By Nathan Hoskins

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