‘For the Love of the Pork Festival:’ 2022 theme announced


EATON — Last week, Pork Festival officials announced the resurrected festival’s theme: “For the Love of the Pork Festival.”

The 51st Preble County Pork Festival is set for Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 17-18, after being canceled and then resurrected with the help of county commissioners and RMJG Events. During a PF Board of Directors meeting held Thursday, July 14, new members of the board were selected and approved.

New directors include Andew George, Lisa Tuttle-Huff, Zach Shafer, Susan Shafer, Courtney Bergbigler, Richard Paynter, and Chris Roberts.

The board also voted to bring back the smorgasbord meal option and approved the 2022 theme at the meeting.

In a press release announcing the theme to the public last week, Pork Festival officials noted, “As the rural county’s largest annual event, the Pork Festival, held every third full weekend in September, is a showcase of community, commerce, and employment opportunities for Preble County and surrounding areas.”

The release continued, “The festival’s rich history and nostalgia are wonderful examples of the spirit of all those who attend this well-preserved grand event tradition. The theme selection, ‘For the Love of the Pork Festival,’ is a testament to the dedication of countless volunteers, sponsors, advocates, past and current Board of Directors members, and attendees who have helped the festival gain attraction to Preble County for over 50 years.”

“Organizers are encouraged by the support of the local community for the Sept. 17-18 weekend event and encourage everyone to show their love of the Pork Festival this year by attending,” the release noted. “Its an exciting time to be part of the Preble County Pork Festival tradition! Find detailed ways to help support this year’s event at www.porkfestival.org/sponsors. Be part of the tradition and stay involved, For the Love of the Pork Festival.”

Pork Festival organizers released the 2022 festival theme and logo last week.
https://www.registerherald.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/41/2022/07/web1_pork_festival.jpgPork Festival organizers released the 2022 festival theme and logo last week.

By Eddie Mowen Jr.

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