‘Twitty & Lynn’ to appear at Star Theatre


EATON — On Wednesday, Sep. 14, country musical royalty will be gracing the stage at The Star Theatre at Eagles Point in Eaton.

Tre Twitty and Tayla Lynn are the grandchildren of country music pioneers Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn. A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Preble County Pork Festival at the Preble County Fairgrounds which will run that weekend (Sept. 17-18).

In a recent press release, organizers said Tre and Tayla share a unique relationship and have taken to the road to honor their grandparents in an intimate evening of music and storytelling as only they can tell.

“Though Tayla Lynn and Tre Twitty are singing their grandparents’ songs, there is no second-best quality to the artists. Twitty and Lynn have developed an authentic show that builds off their family histories without attempting to simply duplicate performances of the past,” the release noted. “In perfect foil to one another, Tre Twitty takes a calm, methodical approach to his storytelling and performing. On the other hand, Tayla Lynn arrives on stage, often unexpectedly, with explosive energy, heart, and sassiness. Trying to keep one’s eyes on Tayla Lynn is like trying to lasso a firework; guessing where she will appear and what will come out of her mouth next is half the fun of spending an evening with her. Tayla’s joy is genuine, her energy addictive, and Twitty provides the perfect balance of steadiness in the eye of her hurricane — not unlike the way Conway Twitty related to and tempered Loretta Lynn for so many years.

The release continued, “With a heavy emphasis on storytelling, the duo delights audiences with their live show. For Twitty and Lynn, half of the magic lies in the storytelling. Through their memories of Poppy and Memaw, as they call their grandparents, audiences are reminded in the best ways possible that behind every icon is a dynamic and funny yet flawed human being. The show takes on the quality of a family get-together and often feels more like one is on the front porch with guitars and old family hymns than it does a concert with perfect strangers. It is a fascinating opportunity to see two of country music’s greatest legends through the eyes of their grandchildren and continue the connection that Conway and Loretta’s fans have felt over 60 years. By the show’s end, audiences have not only been able to hear some of their favorite songs and the duo’s biggest hits, but they have also been invited to the inner sanctum of these two musical dynasties to laugh, cry, and understand what it was like to grow up under the tutelage of Conway and Loretta. Twitty and Lynn’s high-energy and heartfelt show highlights not only the bond Conway and Loretta had as best friends and musical partners, but also the unique bond Tre and Tayla have formed through many years of both of these intertwined families.”

General admission tickets with open seating and can be purchased by visiting TwittyAndLynn.com. Showtime is at 7:30 p.m. with doors opening at 6:30 pm.

Benefit concert will help support Preble County Pork Festival

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