SWCD holding holding first ‘Big Tree Contest’


PREBLE COUNTY — Is your Tulip Poplar the biggest in Preble County? Enter in Preble Soil and Water Conservation District’s competition to find out!

The District is excited to announce its first annual Big Tree Contest. The competition’s selected species for 2022 is Tulip Poplar, also known as Yellow Poplar or Tulip Tree. Tulip Poplars are the tallest trees in the Eastern United States, and among the widest as well. Mature trees can easily surpass 100 feet in height. In addition to the desirable lumber they produce, these trees have ecosystem value as a pioneer in disturbed environments, landscape appeal with their stunning yellow flowers, and wildlife significance from their edible seeds.

Identification features for Tulip Poplars include tall, straight trunks with furrowed gray bark, unique leaves that have pointed lobes and flattened tops, bud shape that resembles duck bills, and pointed clusters of papery seeds that will persist into winter.

To find out how your Tulip Poplar measures up, record the circumference around the tree at 4.5 feet high, and give a rough estimate of the tree’s height. Our qualified judges will visit the top scoring finalist trees to verify measurements. Your tree may even be the next State Champion certified by the Ohio Division of Forestry. The first place winner will receive a commemorative plaque made of Tulip Poplar wood recognizing their champion tree.

Interested in Tulip Poplars, but don’t have one of your own? Tulip Poplars will be available for purchase at PSWCD’s Tree Sale in Spring 2023.

Submission forms which include rules and regulations for the contest are available at 2789 U.S. 35 East in West Alexandria, and online at www.prebleswcd.org. Entries must be received by Friday, Dec. 9. The website also includes more identification tips and interesting facts about this incredible native species. Call 937-456-5159 with any questions.

By Savannah Ballweg


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