Commissioners meet with JFS, MVCAP


EATON — The Preble County Commissioners held their monthly meeting with JFS (Jobs and Family Services) and quarterly update meeting with MVCAP (Miami Valley Community Action Partnership) on Monday, Oct. 24.

According to JFS Director Rebecah Sorrell, the department has been busy surveying staff to develop a more supportive environment for all JFS workers.

Among the various department updates and informational sessions within JFS, the Children’s Services team is requesting voice recording software which could be accessed on their phones. JFS is required to use only certified programs for recording purposes, with no third parties privy to confidential information.

“We’re working on three different options that we’re piloting for them; one is Speak Right. They would have the ability to put Speak Right on their work phones, they can record vocally into that. That then gets sent off to a company that types up all their notes for them,” said Sorrell.

JFS has also been hosting interviews to address their staffing shortages, a practice which will continue until positions are filled, according to JFS’ Erin Harris. Harris also inquired of the board to offer digital applications as opposed to strictly hard copy applications, as is the current situation.

Commissioner Craft suggested offering a PDF application which would be notarized when individuals pursuing a job with JFS come in for interviews, which all present agreed on.

Janelle Caron of MVCAP updated the board on allocations for grants, including household rent payments and repair applications.

According to Caron, the program is currently serving 12 households with a total of 25 individuals.

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By Nathan Hoskins

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