Issue 12 benefits Eaton public safety services


EATON — City of Eaton voters will find Issue 12 on the Nov. 8 General Election Ballot. Issue 12 is a renewal of the city’s safety level.

Approval of Issue 12 provides a three-year renewal of the city’s 1/2 half percent income tax which was first approved by voters in 1986. According to officials, the funds produced can only be used for police, fire and EMS operations.

“There has been no increase to the city’s income tax structure for over 30 years,” officials said in a brochure distributed last week.

According to the brochure, “Public safety services make up the largest part of the city’s operating budget while providing a limited amount of revenue. Safety service operations are supported in part by the general fund, which consists primarily of property and earnings tax receipts. These general fund revenues support a variety of governmental activities and are not adequate to support public safety operations. This safety levy renewal provides most of the funds needed to maintain our safety services.”

All residents of the City of Eaton and non-residents who earn wages within the city, as well as businesses who earn profits generated from operations within the city pay the income tax. Social security benefits, unemployment compensation, pensions, retirement benefit payments and similar payments are not subject to income tax.

R-H Staff

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