State awards lead line mapping grants


COLUMBUS — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Ohio EPA Director Laurie A. Stevenson last week announced approximately $2.4 million in H2Ohio grant assistance to help 53 public water systems take the first step toward removing and replacing lead water pipes.

Among the awards is $45,000 for the Village of Lewisburg.

“Working with communities to help them identify and remove lead water lines that remain in their area will improve the overall health and well-being of Ohioans,” said Governor DeWine. “These H2Ohio grants confirm our ongoing commitment to improve our state’s water infrastructure for the long term.”

“Water plays a vital role water in our daily lives, and these mini grants will help communities take the first step toward safer water, ” said Ohio EPA Director Laurie A. Stevenson.

The 53 lead pipe mapping projects will take place in communities in 37 counties. All applicants are receiving their full funding request of up to $50,000.

Lead Mapping

Today, most water service lines are copper or galvanized iron, but an estimated 6.1 million lead water lines remain across the nation. Lead primarily enters drinking water when materials containing lead in water distribution systems and household plumbing corrode.

Lead-based paint and its dust are the most common source of lead poisoning, but lead in drinking water can significantly increase a person’s total lead exposure. While lead poisoning can affect individuals of all ages, children are at greatest risk. Children’s bodies absorb lead more efficiently than adults, and they are less able than adults to detoxify their bodies of lead.

As part of the H2Ohio initiative, the Ohio EPA has previously awarded six communities with almost $2.2 million in H2Ohio funding to remove and replace a total of nearly 500 lead service lines, and $2.1 million to 48 communities for lead line identification and mapping assistance. An additional $1.25 million in H2Ohio funding was used for lead service line replacement projects at childcare facilities in Cincinnati and Cleveland.

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