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BROOKVILLE — Jeffery Keith, facilities and environmental health and safety manager at Flow Dry Technology, addressed council on the services provided by the company.

Flow Dry Technology, Inc. was established in 1946 under the name Stanhope Products in Dayton.

According to the Pitchbook website, Flow Dry, located at 379 Albert Road, is “the manufacturer of moisture control and gasket products and services intended to protect its customers’ products from several automotive, pharmaceutical and general industrial applications around the globe.”

Pitchbook states “the company provides desiccants, gaskets, sealing, and protection to clients and processes to provide the best sealing, adsorbent and protection products quality, delivery and services.”

“We’re dedicated to making a healthier, more safe and productive place for everyone in the world,” Keith said.

Keith noted Flow Dry has at least one of its products in nearly every automobile in the world.

“A little known fact is we’re in about 55 percent of the world’s cars, at least one component and 99 percent of every car in America,” Keith said.

Keith also noted Flow Dry has added the Tesla Automotive Company to its list of automobile manufacturers purchasing products from the company.

“The Tesla one is a unique process. We can’t touch any portion of this product. It is 100 percent automated,” Keith said of the desiccant product used in the electric vehicle.

“A desiccant takes all the moisture and humidity out of the air. When you turn on your vehicle’s air conditioner there is no musty smell inside the vehicle,” Keith said.

Air Flow also manufactures desiccant packages and unit bags that preserve dryness for such items as medical devices, metal parts, advanced electronics, vitamins, and prescription drugs.

In addition to the desiccant packages, Keith said Air Flow also manufactures gaskets.

“John Deere is one of our biggest customers,” Keith said, adding the company also manufactures gaskets for the automobile industry.

While the commercial industry represents most of Air Flow’s customer base, Keith did note the company has a contract with the United States Navy.

Keith, however, said he couldn’t provide any information concerning the company’s business with the Navy.

“Flow Dry is growing at a steady pace. The company’s numbers look extremely well,” Keith said.

“I’m proud to work for a company that has a bright future,” Keith added.

For more information on Flow Dry, go to flowdry.com.

Flow Dry Technology is the first business in the city to be selected by mayor Chuck Letner to provide information about the company to the public.

“For two years I did a citizen of the month and we recognized 24 great people throughout our city. Last December I postponed it and I thought I’d try something else,” Letner said.

“I thought why not recognize some of the businesses, bring them in and let them tell us about themselves and how they impact and contribute to our city,” Letner said.

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