Partnership launches new website


EATON — The Preble County Development Partnership has announced the launch of its new website,, in partnership with Golden Shovel Agency.

The website is designed to be a comprehensive resource for local stakeholders and external businesses, showcasing Preble County’s advantages as a great place to do business.

The new website has several features that make it easy to navigate, full of data and valuable information to site selectors and local businesses. The back-end functionality of the site is user-friendly, enabling easy updates and changes for a dynamic source of information.

“We needed a website that was useful to local stakeholders, external businesses, and site selectors,” said Justin Sommer, Director of Economic Development at the Preble County Development Partnership. “The development team at Golden Shovel was able to create a site that is easy to navigate but is also full of data and information. A site selector from out of state can easily find our available properties and local workforce data. The local Board can access information about programs and services that are important to them. The website is comprehensive, without being overwhelming.”

Preble County’s location is a competitive choice for new projects, situated between three major metro markets, making it an attractive location for businesses. Golden Shovel’s ability to visually tell the story of the site advantages will help the county grow.

“As a small office, creating and pushing out content can be an overlooked task. With the benefit of Golden Shovel’s GateKeeper services (which includes monthly content and promotional support), our marketing efforts will stay current and fresh,” said Sommer.

“We are honored to partner with the Preble County Development Partnership and assist them in their economic development efforts,” said Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel Agency. “We understand the importance of marketing for small and rural communities and are excited to see the impact this website will have on their marketing efforts.”

View the newly designed website at

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