Charging stations planned at McDonald’s


BROOKVILLE — Planning commission approved an application from an electric vehicle charging company that will allow for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in the Brookville McDonald’s Restaurant’s parking lot.

“A site development plan application has been filed by Oscar W. Larson Company to install electric vehicle charging stations at McDonald’s located at 40 Triggs Road,” Brookville Law Director Rod Stephan said.

“The application proposes to amend the current site plan of McDonald’s to add electric vehicle charging stations in the rear of the McDonald’s parking lot,” Stephan continued.

Stephan said the plan “will use four existing parking spaces.”

“The plan provides for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations for those four parking spaces,” Stephan said.

The charging stations are being installed by EVgo.

EVgo is a public electric vehicle fast-charging company located in Los Angeles, Calif. The company’s website states it has more than 850 fast-charging stations in more than 30 states.

Steve Read, of Oscar W. Larson Company, located in Youngstown, Ohio, the company representing EVgo, said plans are to install two chargers that will charge four vehicles at the same time.

“It takes about 20-30 minutes to get a vehicle to about 80 percent of its total capacity,” Reed said.

“Are there different kinds of chargers?” planning commission member Ken Claggett asked.

“Yes,” Reed replied. “Some of the chargers we put in will do one kilowatt. The ones we are installing at McDonald’s are 350 kilowatts,” Reed replied.

“If two of them are charging they will charge a little slower, but if only one vehicle is charging, it will charge at whatever speed the vehicle’s battery will allow,” Reed continued.

Brookville Mayor Chuck Letner asked Reed if McDonald’s is going to supply the electricity for the charging stations.

“We will be installing a new transformer, which will have its own meter,” Reed replied.

Reed also indicated a small equipment yard will be installed adjacent to the stations.

He also said minor site work to install the conduits will take place and equipment pads will be installed.

“There will be screening around the equipment, except for the chargers. We can’t do that,” Reed said.

Claggett asked Reed if McDonald’s will receive any of the profits from the customers who use the charging stations.

“I believe McDonald’s will get some of the profits. EVgo will get the rest of the profits,” Reed replied.

Reed said signage indicating the parking spaces are for EV charging only will be erected.

“There will also be a sign designating a time limit an electric vehicle can be parked in one of the parking spaces,” Reed said.

“We don’t want people to park there and not use it for charging purposes,” Reed added.

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