Township to donate laptops to county


CLAY TOWNSHIP — The trustees approved the transfer of 11 laptop computers to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

“We switched over to Getac (company that provides top-of-the-line equipment for law enforcement agencies), so the property that you have in front of you is of no use to the police department, township police chief John Van Gundy said of the laptop computers.

“With that being said, the information we put on the computers, we can destroy the laptops, but I’d rather give them to another agency if they can use them,” Van Gundy continued.

Van Gundy indicated the sheriff’s department can use the township laptops for parts.

The trustees also approved the destruction of some desktop and laptop computers no longer needed by the police department.

Van Gundy noted some of the computers and a few of the laptops are equipped with the Windows 7 operating system and are no longer used by the police department.

Van Gundy indicated the department is currently using computers equipped with Windows 10.

Van Gundy added the computers can’t be sold on, an online auction marketplace for government surplus items, or transferred to another police agency, so the plan is to destroy the computers.

The trustees also approved the destruction of a laser radar unit and two hand-held laser radar units.

“It would cost us more to get them fixed through MPH (MPH Industries, the manufacturer of speed measurement equipment) than what it would be for us to just destroy them,” Van Gundy explained.

In other matters, the trustees gave township zoning inspector Kevin Garlitz permission to participate in the on-line training session on self-help remedies for junk vehicles and trash to be presented on Sept. 20 by the Ohio Township Association.

According to the OTA, the class focuses on “the right to, and benefit of, self-help for township officials facing concerns about residents who maintain junk motor vehicles and garbage, trash, and debris on their property.”

“The hope is to inform, engage and empower township officials to use self-help to address their problems easier and faster than traditional methods, including the use of the court system,” the OTA information on the training course stated.

The cost of the training session is $30.

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