The following information has been provided by area police departments. The information listed in this column is considered public record and is available to anyone seeking information concerning what is provided below.

For purposes of this column, the term “arrested” or “charged” does not necessarily mean the person was taken into physical custody. It could also indicate that a summons was issued to the subject in lieu of physical custody.

All the people listed as “arrested” or “charged” are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Wednesday, Aug. 23, Englewood report 230001365: Alexander D.J. George, 24, of Dayton 45417, was arrested on a warrant out of Huber Heights for failure to appear and transported to the county jail.

Union report 23000000333: Tanner J. Brandenburg, 21, of Troy, was charged with having an open container in a motor vehicle and given a verbal warning for display of plates, possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia. He was released with a court summons.

Thursday, Aug. 24, Englewood report 230001367: Briana T. Taylor, 29, of Dayton 45406, was arrested on a warrant for theft and transported to the county jail.

Friday, Aug. 25, Brookville report 23-00356: Fraud was reported at the Brookville Inn. The hostelry entered into a contract with a recovery group for payment on an outstanding balance of $7,295. A check was received but was returned because the account was frozen / blocked.

Clayton report 230000970: The theft of two, large plastic storage bins containing rolled nickels and quarters valued between $5,000 to $8,000 and a bag of jewelry of an unknown value was reported in the 6100 block of Par Dr.

Clayton report 230000974: A scam artist contacted a married couple while they were using their laptop computer and convinced them that their bank account had an unauthorized charge of $15,000 and that they would need to deposit $15,000 in a Bitcoin machine to counteract the unauthorized charge. The residents deposited the money as instructed. A second scam artist then tried to obtain the victims’ email addresses and passwords and a photocopy of their driver’s licenses. Police helped the couple block the incoming phone numbers and told them to never disclose personal information to anyone in the future. They were also advised to contact their bank’s fraud department and not to use their laptop computer again until it had been looked at and repaired by a professional.

Englewood report 230001375: Jaelle D. Boyd, 23, of Dayton 45406, was arrested on a warrant out of Moraine for failure to appear and transported to the county jail.

Saturday, Aug. 26, Brookville report 23-00357: The theft of a LaScoota brand three-wheeled scooter with light up wheels was reported at Brookville Stadium. A ticket booth attendant took the scooter away from a teenage boy who was playing with it. Police returned the scooter to the owner.

Brookville report 23-00358: Fraud was reported on Golden Maple Avenue where a resident reported an unknown subject opened an account with AT&T using his personal information. The victim received a notice from a debt collection agency stating he owed $810.

Clayton report 230000976: A resident reported calling a phone number she thought belonged to a rental car company and was told to buy two gift cards totaling $655 and then send pictures of the gifts cards with her cell phone to two different phone numbers. Her cousin told her to call her bank to dispute the charges and then call the police.

Clayton report 230000979: A 2017 Infiniti sedan was stolen from the parking lot at Garden Woods Apartments. The victim’s wallet and credit cards were in the vehicle when it was stolen.

Englewood report 230001378: Clinton J.J. McCleskey, 36, at large, was charged with failure to disclose personal information and transported to the county jail.

Union 23000000337: Austin D. Combs, 28, of Union, was arrested by German Township Police on a warrant out of Union. Combs was turned over to a Union officer and transported to the county jail.

Sunday, Aug. 27, Brookville report 23-00360: Cole D. Croucher, 23, of Trotwood, was criminally trespassed from a residence on Edgebrook Avenue.

Clayton report 230000982: Police responded to a crash on W. Greenview Drive where a red Dodge Avenger was crashed and disabled into the side of a parked Chevy Suburban. Jessica A. Young, 34, of Dayton 45419, was charged with operating a vehicle intoxicated, failure to maintain reasonable control, and failure to reinstate license.

Monday, Aug. 28, Brookville report 23-00361: Justin D. Campbell, 39, of Wayne, Ind., was charged with fictitious tags, drug possession and drug paraphernalia. He was transported to the country jail.

Brookville report 23-00362: Taylor M. Munn, 20, of Brookville, was charged with operating a vehicle intoxicated, failure to obey traffic control devices, drug paraphernalia and drug abuse. She was issued a court summons and released to a family member.

Union 23000000341: Jeffrey S. Stickler, 54, of Union, was arrested on a warrant out of West Milton for burglary, domestic violence, and criminal damaging. Stickler was turned over to a West Milton officer and transported to the Miami County Jail.

Wednesday, Aug. 30, Brookville report 23-00363: Janvier Hakizimana, 33, of Dayton 45405, was charged with driving under suspension, failure to stop at posted stop sign, speeding and open container. His vehicle was towed. He was released with a court summons.

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