Council approves intersection record plan


BROOKVILLE — Council recently approved the Hay Avenue and Sycamore Street record plan.

“The plat dedicates additional right-of-way along Hay Avenue and Sycamore Street for sidewalk and other improvements to be constructed in the Hay Avenue reconstruction project, phase II,” Brookville Law Director Rod Stephan said.

“Planning commission approved this plat at its Aug. 17 meeting,” Stephan continued.

Stephan explained at the planning commission meeting the record plan was approved so the city can install sidewalk along a section of Sycamore Street.

City manager Sonja Keaton added plans call for squaring up the Hay Avenue and Sycamore Street intersection.

Keaton also said plans call for “straightening out the curve on Hay Avenue a little bit.”

Council gave Keaton authorization to exercise the city’s second-year renewal option with the American Rock Salt Company for road salt for the upcoming winter.

Keaton said the renewal option is good through July 31, 2024 for up to 350 tons of salt at a cost of $86.36 a ton.

Keaton pointed out the city doesn’t need salt at this time.

“Our salt barn currently holds 550 tons of salt and it is currently full to the brim,” Keaton said.

“Hopefully, we will have another mild season like we did last year,” Keaton added.

Keaton noted the city doesn’t have to take delivery of the salt if it isn’t needed this year.

“If the salt barn remains full, we won’t get the salt,” Keaton said.

Keaton said if additional salt is needed, under the agreement, the city can have up to 350 tons of salt delivered by the American Rock Salt Company.

“That’s our maximum amount we agreed to receive if needed,’ Keaton said.

Keaton said she attempted to find a cheaper price for the salt without any success.

“I contacted Robinson Salt Supply, based out of Miamisburg, who currently has the state of Ohio contract and was told their price is $149.79 a ton,” Keaton said.

“Compass Minerals, who we purchased salt from a couple years ago, stated their price for the 2023-2024 season is $104.36 a ton,” Keaton continued.

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