Park board changes amphitheater location


BROOKVILLE — The park board approved the change in the location of the proposed amphitheater to be built in Golden Gate Park by Boy Scout Troop 47 from an area near the former BMX building to behind the Waffle House.

The approval, however, is contingent on a drainage pipe that is located behind the Waffle House.

If the drainage pipe presents too much of an issue, the amphitheater will be constructed near the former BMX building.

Scout leader Todd Clemmons requested the change after he talked with members of Brookville VFW Post 3288.

“We had our reasons against it (building the amphitheater behind the Waffle House), but after talking to some people at the VFW, some things came together, which made the site pretty ideal,” Clemmons said.

Clemmons indicated constructing the amphitheater behind the Waffle House would allow the VFW more room to hold ceremonies.

The VFW currently holds ceremonies at Gateway Park, located at 511 Upper Lewisburg-Salem Road. and would be adjacent to the amphitheater if it is constructed behind the Waffle House.

“Right now the VFW has ceremonies and other activities at Gateway Park, but they don’t have much room there to do a ceremony,” Clemmons said.

“Having the amphitheater behind the Waffle House would give them a bigger location to conduct ceremonies,” Clemmons continued.

“Do you think the VFW would utilize the amphitheater more if it was located behind the Waffle House?” park board member Loren Wilson asked.

“They seemed excited about it being located behind the Waffle House,” Clemmons replied.

Park board president Adam Blevins said a drainage pipe located behind the restaurant was one of the main reasons the board didn’t select the Waffle House site.

“It (pipe) could potentially have to be moved or shifted to give you enough space,” Blevins said.

“That would be a larger chunk of money that you guys would have to come up with.” Blevins continued.

Scout Leader Matt Moler said the drainage pipe may not have to be relocated.

“We may be able to allow the water to flow through the amphitheater,” Moler said.

Moler noted the Army Corps of Engineers need to be consulted to determine if the pipe needs to be relocated.

“If we need to move the pipe, then we need to move it,” Moler said.

But Moler said if the engineers determine the pipe can remain at its current location and since the area has a natural slope, the water from the pipe can be directed through the amphitheater to the creek.

“I don’t think it would hurt anything,” Moler said.

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