Navy Blue wins soccer tourney showdown


BROOKVILLE — Brookville Soccer Association congratulates the Brookville Navy Blue Passer team for becoming the 8th annual Brookville Danny Ervin Memorial Passer tournament champs in 2023.

The Navy Blue team won all three matches. All three match wins were shutouts, giving them the highest points.

The Navy Blue team was coached by John Kernich and Tiffanie Zellers. The team was comprised of Phineas Anthony, Eli Helmer, Eden Hoelzle, John Kernich, Remi Lathrop, Evelyn Longley, Camden Rose, Lillie Sutherland, Sadie Sutherland, and Kyle Tobin. The Navy Blue team was sponsored by EyeDocs.

The Gold team, coached by Caitlin Blanton, Jordan Green, and Laura Showalter, came in second. The gold team also had three wins with two shutouts. The gold team was sponsored by Waffle House.

The Royal Blue team, coached by Wibe Fokkink and Matt Sewell, came in third place. The Royal Blue team had two wins and one loss. Both of the wins were shutouts. The Royal Blue team is sponsored by the Brookville Chiropractic Center.

The tournament was held between the nine participating co-ed Passer teams playing at Brookville. The tournament consisted of three 10-minute matches. This round-robin format promoted fast play and a tournament that would be better suited for younger kids.

Due to the tournament’s success, Brookville S.A.Y. expects to continue this tournament in future years.

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