Lions to hold annual Feather Party


EATON — The Eaton-Lewisburg Lions’ annual fundraiser, the Feather Party, will be held on Thursday, Nov. 16, beginning at 6:30 p.m., in Bruner Arena at the Preble County Fairgrounds.

The Feather Party is actually bingo. Participants will play about 75 games of straight-line bingo, according to Lion Gene Aukerman. “We finish about 10 p.m.,” he said in a recent email. “If you win a game all by yourself you win a whole 16-20 pound turkey. If two or more win in the same game then each winner receives a turkey breast.”

Door prize tickets for merchandise which has been collected from local merchants will also be available.

Refreshments are available or participants may bring their own.

“A question we frequently get when we are out collecting door prizes is ‘Why is it called a Feather Party?’ Aukerman said.

“The story we are spreading says that that the Feather Party was started so long ago that no ones knows for sure why. But we do know that years ago bingo was illegal, and, we have been told that the club was informed by a police authority that if you call it something else other than bingo, they would ignore that we were playing bingo,” he added. “Back then we were giving away live turkeys, and someone came up with the name ‘Feather Party.’”

For more information, contact Aukerman at 937-336-4545.

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