Apartments planned in Brookville


BROOKVILLE — Planning commission voted 4-1 to approve a preliminary subdivision plat from B&B Rentals, LTD for the construction of additional apartments adjacent to the apartments on Bruns Drive.

Voting in favor of the of preliminary subdivision plat were chairperson Ryan Henderson, planning commission members Curt Schreier and Ken Claggett and mayor Chuck Letner.

Planning commission member Tony Ezerski voted against the preliminary subdivision plat.

According to Brookville Law Director Rod Stephan, the subdivision plat is for Bruns Apartments, Phase 2.

“The project is located in a R-3 (Multi-Family Residential District). Two- and four-unit buildings are permitted uses in this R-3 zoning district under Section 1129.02(a)(2) and (3),” Stephan said.

Stephan said the plat plan provides for the construction of 19 four-unit buildings and two two-unit buildings.

“Eighty apartments will be created upon completion of construction of the project,” Stephan said.

Stephan noted the setbacks for the plan meet all of the minimum standards in the R-3 zoning district.

Stephan also noted the plat provides for the extension of Bruns Drive.

“Bruns Drive is currently a private street, but this plat provides for the dedication of Bruns Drive as a public street from Meadow Glen Drive to its connection with a new street created by this plat to be known as Fledgling Way,” Stephan said.

“Fledgling Way will extend to the north boundary of the property and could be extended for future development of the property to the north,” Stephan continued.

Stephan said public sidewalks will be installed on Bruns Drive and Fledgling Way.

Claggett asked if the fire and police departments approved the roads.

“We submitted plans to them and they reviewed it and they didn’t have any issues with the proposed roads,” Stephan replied.

Schreier asked how many apartment units are already there.

Stephan answered there are seven buildings mostly comprised of four units in each building.

Ezerski voiced concern with the impact the new apartments would have on the school district.

“I was kind of curious to know if the school has the capacity to continue this growth,” Ezerski asked, noting the growth that is already taking place in the city.

“Have we talked to the schools to see if they can support the population increase?” Ezerski asked.

“I just want to make sure we are having these conversations with school officials as we continue to grow,” Ezerski said.

“We have not had any discussions with the school about this project,” Stephan replied.

Letner noted Brookville Local Schools Superintendent Jason Wood “hasn’t expressed a concern about overcrowding in the school (district)” in conversations between the two.

Claggett also mentioned he has talked to residents who have voiced concerns with the growth of the city.

“I’m starting to get calls from people basically saying we’re rubber stamping everything that comes in front of us without questioning it,” Claggett said.

Stephan said perhaps it is time to make plans to update the city’s comprehensive land-use plan.

“One of the things we have discussed with our new city manager (Jack Kuntz), who is coming on, is looking at doing a comprehensive land-use plan update, which planning commission would be very much involved in,” Stephan said.

“I think we could take a look at our available land for single-family and multi-family housing. We could look at that and see whether that’s the right ratio or we ought to look at potentially changing some of our thoughts on the comprehensive plan,” Stephan continued.

“That’s something we can start working on, say within the next year, in an attempt to accomplish that goal of doing a comprehensive land use plan update,” Stephan said.

Schreier asked if the review would include making an evaluation of the school system the city’s infrastructure and the wastewater treatment plant?

Stephan replied that would all be part of the review.

“This is probably a good time to start looking at doing an update because of all the growth we have going,” Stephan said.

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