Lewisburg discusses recent career fair


LEWISBURG — A large numer of interested job hunters turned out for a recent hiring fair held by Royal Canin at the Lewisburg Community Center.

“They were very pleased with us allowing them to use the community center, being part of the community,” Municipal Manager Sewert said of the company during council’s Thursday, Feb. 1, meeting. “They had almost 200 applicants for various jobs. So that’s very good. A lot of times you never know how it will work out. It was a huge event. They were very pleased, and I was I was very impressed with it.”

According to officials, the company will be hiring 60-70 people for jobs at its new facility.

Sewert also noted the village had been in contact with the Ohio Department of Transportation regarding the condition and materials used in ODOT’s recent Commerce Street (Ohio 503) paving project, and the potholes caused by freezing/thawing. Village officials will discuss the project more with the state and determine its next steps, as once the project is complete, it is the village’s to maintain.

Also during the meeting:

•Council waived three readings and approved an ordinance which will donate firefighting equipment no longer being used to Miami Valley Career Technical Center.

According to ordinance, “it is necessary and appropriate to maintain a fire department complete with extrication equipment used to free individuals entrapped and in firefighting operations; and whereas; the Village of Lewisburg is the owner of a gasoline powered Gensis pump, large spreader, cutter tool, boron cutter, mini-spreader, ram and associated miscellaneous hand tools and hose couplings which are obsolete, unneeded and no longer fit to be used by the Village in Fire Department Operations; and it would not be economical to maintain this equipment and would not be in the best interest of the citizens of the Village of Lewisburg to keep this equipment.”

According to the ordinance, the value of the items is less than $1,000.

Section 1. Council herein finds pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 721.15 Gensis Pump, Gensis Large Spreader, Boron Cutter, Cutter, Mini-Spreader, Ram, and miscellaneous hand tools owned by the Village are obsolete, unneeded, and no longer fit to be used by the Village and is therefore salvage property with a value of less than $1,000.

These are extrication tools which used to be used by the fire department, which are gasoline powered with a pump, which have been replaced with battery operated tools which do the same thing, according to officials.

•Council also waived three readings of and approved an ordinance declaring equipment used at the south sewer plant obsolete or unfit for use by the village of Lewisburg. and directing the municipal manager to sell the items to the highest bidder at private sale, auction, or internet auction and/or to dispose of the equipment as salvage.

The miscellaneous items are obsolete, unneeded and no longer fit to be used by the Village in the Operations of the Waste Water Treatment Plant, according to the ordinance. According to Municipal Manager Jeff Sewert, the obsolete items need to be removed from the facility before reconstruction of the WWTP can start.

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