Writer supporting Craft, Vonderhaar re-election



Preble County Commissioners Rachael Vonderhaar and Adam Craft are up for reelection in the March Primary. I have personally witnessed Commissioners Vonderhaar’s and Craft’s endless commitment to the citizens of Preble County.

So how does the Preble County Republican Party reward these Commissioners for their integrity and honesty? The Republican Executive Committee and the Central Committee refused to endorse Commissioners Vonderhaar and Craft for reelection.

Let me make the citizens of Preble County aware of what else they won’t address. The Preble County Republican Party refuses to confront State Representatives Rodney Creech’s actions in this upcoming Primary Election. Our current Republican State Representative has actively recruited and endorsed a candidate to run against Commissioner Vonderhaar. Ask yourself, why is a Republican recruiting a candidate to run against an incumbent Republican Commissioner? State Representative Rodney Creech never fails to let us know that all he wants to do is serve. Seriously, how is this a service to our County? I believe Mr. Creech’s mission is divide and conquer. I believe he wants to split up the commissioners.

If Mr. Creech believes he has found an up-and-coming new leader for Preble County, obviously he uses his own leadership decisions as an example of good leadership. Well, let’s look at some of former Commissioner Creech’s decisions. To everyone that is dealing with and fighting the solar invasion into Preble County, you can thank Mr. Creech for signing the Pilot Agreement that rolled out the red carpet for the solar companies. Let’s don’t forget former Commissioner Creech signing the Consent Agreement that forced a sewer district onto 250 homeowners in the Glenwood area which will costs homeowners thousands of dollars and a monthly sewer bill.

The current Board of Commissioners and hundreds of citizens will be forced to deal with problems that were caused by the feckless leadership of former Preble County Commissioner Rodney Creech. I don’t think the voters of Preble County should rely on Mr. Creech’s ability to recognize leadership qualities in an individual.

It is my hope that the voters in Preble County support Commissioners Vonderhaar and Craft for re-election. The county has suffered enough from former Commissioner Creech, we don’t need anything from a candidate he has endorsed.

Jerry L. Wick

West Alexandria

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