PC Auditor shares monthly report


EATON — Preble County Auditor Lavon Wright released her report for the month ending Feb. 29, last week.

According to Wright, during the month of February, Preble County’s General Fund receipts totaled $915,686.85. Sales tax revenue for February totaled $610,870.38 from December 2023 sales. Local taxation came in at $23,742.70, charges for services at $69,160.04, interest at $144,370.25, fines and forfeitures at $342.25 and the next quarterly casino tax will arrive in April, she noted.

The 1-mill conveyance receipts totaled $7,889.90, and there were no expenditures for the month.

February 2024 General Fund disbursements totaled $1,092,333.02, according to Wright, who also reported salaries, Public Employee Retirement System and Medicare disbursements for February were $629,240.79.

Total expenditures ($1,092,333.02) included the following: supplies, $33,559.41; health insurance, $119,011.28; contract services, $224,177.75; utilities $12,411.00, and training/travel, advertising/printing and other expenses, $19,983.73.


According to Wright’s report, the county’s general fund began 2024 with a cash balance of $13,619,097.63 and ended the month of February with $12,896,376.82.

2024 vs. 2023 comparison

General fund receipts for February 2024 decreased by $130,920.30, according to the report. Sales tax decreased by $20,717.89, charges for services decreased by $42,129.77, and interest increased by $59,585.02.

Expenditures for February 2024 were less than what they were in 2023 by $187,296.31.

Supply expenditures increased by $2,957.20, contracted services decreased by $185,394.01, other expenses increased by $4,979.71, and equipment decreased by $622.96, the report noted.

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