Merchants planning downtown activities


BROOKVILLE — City manager Jack Kuntz informed the park board a group of Market Street merchants would like to use a downtown park for a series of community activities.

“Some of the Market Street businesses are coming together and working on some community outreach programs along Market Street in the downtown area,” Kuntz said.

“Some of the events will take place at the local businesses. For other events, they would like to use Gruenig Park on Market Street,” Kuntz continued.

“They asked me to propose the idea to the park board to see if you are OK with them using the park for some of these events,” Kuntz said.

Kuntz noted city staff provided the merchants group with such information as special use permits and other permits they will need in order to hold activities in the park, located at 120 Market St.

Kuntz noted the most recent event the group is planning is a “Third Thursdays” event in downtown from April through September.

Kuntz said the event would include outdoor vendors and fun events to attract people to downtown Brookville.

“The city would really like to help them as much as possible to bring the spotlight to local businesses in downtown,” Kuntz said.

Park board member Bonnie Cordes said she thought it was a “great idea to have some activities downtown.”

Park board president Adam Blevins agreed.

“I think having individual activities down there would be amazing. We have two parks downtown and I would like to see both of them being used more,” Blevins said.

The city also has Powell Park located downtown on Mulberry Street.

Park board member Loren Wilson, who also said she liked the idea of more activities downtown, asked if additional equipment, such as tables and benches, was needed at Gruenig Park.

“There’s not a lot of stuff such as tables in that area,” Wilson said.

“I think at Gruenig there is one table and three benches,” Blevins said.

Kuntz said the city can help to add more benches and tables at the park.

“I think that’s a good point. I think if it is successful, we need to secure some additional amenities for the park,” Kuntz said.

“If these events start happening on a more frequent bases, I think there’s an opportunity for the city to purchase a few items for that area so it becomes more of a known commodity and a known asset to the community,” Kuntz said.

“I think that’s what the thought is to develop this area into a common gathering place, not just during an event, but on a normal basis,” Kuntz added.

Cordes said that perhaps Boy Scout Pack 47 could build some tables and chairs for the park and the surrounding area.

“It would help pull them into the events,” Cordes said.

Kuntz agreed.

“I think the more community partners we can get the better for everyone,’ Kuntz said.

Kuntz said he plans to talk with the members of the Bible Baptist Fellowship, located next to Gruenig Park.

“We want to talk to the church next door to make sure they are aware of everything that is being planned and to make sure an event at the park isn’t in conflict with any church activity scheduled at the same time,” Kuntz said.

Kuntz said he will relay to the merchants the park board’s support of their efforts,

Kuntz added he will inform the park board of future developments by the merchants as they become available.

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