BBB Foundation announces Students Of Integrity winners


DAYTON —Better Business Bureau’s Center for Business and Consumer Ethics, Inc. (CBCE) announces the winners of The AES Ohio Students of Integrity Scholarship.

For more than 20 years BBB has recognized Miami Valley high school seniors who exemplify strong ethics and integrity. The award includes a $1,000 college scholarship. The Students of Integrity will be honored Tuesday, May 14, at Better Business Bureau’s Torch Awards for Ethics hosted at the David H. Ponitz Sinclair Center.

Kennedi Robinson, from Northmont High School in Englewood was one student selected for the 2024 honor.

Even as a student, Robinson has long looked at the world and seen opportunities to help the people around her lead healthier, happier lives. Not only did she participate in an anti-gun violence organization in school, she also volunteered with community organizations helping to ensure that families around her had access to safe childcare and fresh food. She plans to seek a degree in medicine and do her part to see more diverse representation in the medical community, so that all people feel seen and understood by their medical providers. She wrote, “I want to use my intelligence and work ethic to save and change lives through medicine.”

A panel of independent judges selected five students out of applications from the entire BBB service area. Every area high school received invitations to nominate two outstanding students from their senior classes.

Better Business Bureau believes identifying and honoring young people for strong integrity and character is vital to its mission of promoting ethics in the marketplace. Like the Torch Awards for Ethics, the Students of Integrity highlight outstanding ethics. In bringing young adults to the forefront, BBB is closing the loop on what it takes to be a successful and contributing community leader whether business, nonprofit or individual.

John North, BBB president and CEO, said, “Better Business Bureau stands for ethics and integrity, and as such we are honored to salute these students, who represent the best hope for the future and the leaders of the next generation.”

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