April: a great time to get prepared

By Anita Stoner - For The Register-Herald

PREBLE COUNTY — Preparedness and protection is a nonstop focus at Preble County Public Health and the Preble County EMA. While the month of April marks many exciting things like warmer weather and baseball, it also means that the threat of severe weather has returned. In particular, the possibility of tornadoes is a consideration that should be taken seriously. As more individuals become owners of smart phones or are regularly around some form of social media, it’s becoming easier to be notified, but with just as much confusion as ever before. To help quickly understand the constant bombardment of information and weather information, it’s important to be able to quickly understand the difference between a tornado “watch” and “warning.”

A Tornado Watch is issued to alert people to the possibility of tornado development in your area. Whereas, a Tornado Warning is issued when a funnel cloud or a tornado has been sighted or indicated on weather radar.

In the event of a Tornado warning:

1. Everyone should remain inside a safe area until the warning is canceled.

2. Everyone should stay away from glass windows and exterior doors.

3. If you must move from where you are at, northeast stairwells should be used, if available, since tornadoes generally follow a southwest to northeast path.

4. Doors should be kept closed.

5. Get out of rooms that are on upper floors or that have an exterior wall above ground level.

6. If possible, get to floors below ground level. Hallways and rooms in the center of a building, which are not on upper floors, may be used as shelters.

If you are outside and you hear warning sirens, seek shelter inside a steel framed or concrete building, if possible.

If you are inside a building, get to an interior hallway or other enclosed area, away from windows on the lowest floor of the building. It is best to avoid auditoriums, gymnasiums, or other large rooms with wide roofs. In wooden buildings, such as houses, the least hazardous place is in the basement or under heavy furniture in the center of the building and away from windows.

To keep up with other public health–related issues make sure to check out Preble County Public Health online at www.preblecountyhealth.org, through Facebook at www.facebook.com/PrebleCoHealth and on Twitter at @PrebleCoHealth! We are also available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m.-4 p.m. by phone at 937-472-0087 or the Preble County EMA at 937-456-1243.

By Anita Stoner

For The Register-Herald

Reach Anita Stoner, Preble County Health Public Information Officer at 937-472-0087.

Reach Anita Stoner, Preble County Health Public Information Officer at 937-472-0087.