Health commissioner urges ‘yes’ to MHRB levy


On behalf of Preble County Public Health, I would like to express our support for the Preble County Mental Health & Recovery Board’s upcoming replacement levy in the 2019 fall election.

As a partner agency involved in a variety of continuous community health improvement initiatives including efforts to curb the opioid epidemic and prevent the spread of disease related to mental health and addiction, we have witnessed firsthand the benefit that the mental health and recovery board brings to our community’s well being.

Like all public agencies, they are facing a decline in financial resources while the challenges and expectations in their field are growing faster than ever. Our most recent Community Health Assessment indicated that many issues such as the opioid epidemic and substance abuse continue to be among the top issues facing Preble County. As such, the capacity to adequately address mental health issues remains a priority for our community and will require a well-funded mental health agency. In Preble County, the Mental Health and Recovery Board is that essential component to our community and the successful replacement of their levy would help to ensure the continued availability of their expertise and services.

Erik Balster

Preble County Health Commissioner