Camden man arrested for burglary, thefts

By Eddie Mowen Jr. -



CAMDEN — A 44-year-old Camden man was arrested last week on charges including burglary and theft, after he was found inside a home with property belonging to the resident in his pockets.

According to court records, Johnny Ray Newton, 685 Rose Blvd., was discovered inside a residence not his own on Rose Boulevard by the resident. The resident said he arrived home at approximately 2 p.m., and found Newton in his trailer.

According to the resident, Newton told him “he had seen a person running from the home and that he had simply come over to make sure everything was alright; that the resident pretended to believe Newton’s story, but clandestinely called the police.”

Camden Police Chief Matt Spurlock arrived to find Newton in the home smoking a cigarette. “Newton exited the home at Spurlock’s direction, and Newton’s shorts were coming down because of items stuffed in the pockets,” court records noted.

According to reports, in Newton’s pockets were “electric hair trimmers, a diamond engagement ring,” and several prescriptions for Lorazepam, “a controlled substance, written in the name of the resident’s deceased fiance.”

Newton told Spurlock he had found the items on the floor when he entered the home and

simply put them in his pockets so he could later return them.”

Newton faces charges first-degree misdemeanor petty theft; fourth-degree felony theft of drugs; and second-degree felony burglary.

Newton was out of jail on $10,000 bond at press time.


By Eddie Mowen Jr.

Reach Eddie Mowen Jr. at 937-683-4056 or on Twitter @emowen_RH.

Reach Eddie Mowen Jr. at 937-683-4056 or on Twitter @emowen_RH.