PSWCD 66th annual meeting a success


Preble Soil & Water Conservation District has had another great year! We enjoyed a wonderful Annual Meeting located in West Manchester at Filbrun’s Pond. Folks gathered to vote, eat, and enjoy.

There were three candidates running for Preble SWCD’s two Board member positions. Many folks came and participated in the election. The resulting tally voted Jim Leedy and Keith Schmidt back into office for another term.

Both the young and old enjoyed our entertainment by Joseph Helfrich. Joseph entertained us with his humor, songs, and music. Maybe one day someone from the audience will want to “play a guitar and take their money home in a jar,” — thank you, Joseph.

As the kids exited to play games and activities with volunteer FFA students, the Preble SWCD handed out two awards. Mary Alice Ashworth was awarded the Outstanding Cooperator of the Year award for her continued efforts towards conservation, even into her nineties. Lewis Jones was inducted into the Hall of Fame for his many years of service in conservation work and upkeep. Congratulations to our award winners!

Although it was a warm evening, another successful Annual Meeting has come and gone. Thank you all for your support and conservation work.

Annette Paulus


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