Smith pleads case for library funding



My name is Kenya Smith and I am the activity director at The Greenbriar Senior Living Campus. I am writing out of concern for our residents.

It is my understanding that there is a possibility to cut the library services here locally. If I may, let me explain what that means to our residents here at Greenbriar. The library provides services for residents who are shut it and cannot get to the local library to check out their favorite book, movie or music. Not only that, Danita and her team provide activities which our residents love.

These are activities which spark active participation from a therapeutic standpoint of bi-lateral manipulation, cognition, dexterity, all senses as well as cognition. As you can see, these activities go deeper than someone just showing up and pulling out books. The activities that I’ve witnessed have been well thought out, planned and executed for the benefit of enjoyment. Passing a renewal for funds not only hurts the economy, but I hope you can tell that it can affect the residents at this local establishment. I am just speaking for my residents here, however consider the residents that this team services throughout the county.

My opinion may not matter, however I feel that the money (42 percent) of the library operating budget is a tough cut for those it benefits. My understanding is that the taxes paid for this renewal will keep the libraries funded for 5 more years. I think that is a great benefit for this community to have the services for 5 years and beyond. They more than deserve it. These are people who worked hard in these communities, raised children and helped make it what it is.

Please reconsider and don’t cut the budget.

Kenya Smith, Activity Director

The Greenbriar Senior Living Campus


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