Vote for library levy renewal



Nov. 3 brings us an opportunity to support ourselves and our community by voting for the renewal of the five year levy that supports our district library. What a great thing to do for ourselves and our neighbors!

The library branches bring many resources to our county that otherwise would be absent.

We have used the genealogy department and the research department to gather information about our family history in Preble County as well as information about Eaton’s history. We gather books for our grandchildren to read when they visit. We enjoy books on CD when we travel.

For many other people the library provides a computer network for access to the Internet for educational research and for job hunting. And every branch offers programs and services for youth and for older people – at home or in community settings.

Voting for Issue 27 will help insure that the district library stays strong regardless of what state and federal funding sources do. Let’s all remember to support ourselves by voting for our libraries on Nov. 3.

Harold and Jean Fitzwater Bussell

West Manchester

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