Writer supporting library levy renewal



I am writing to you about the levy renewal for the Preble County Library in Eaton. Everyone should vote yes for the renewal. Teresa Deaton is an excellent manager of the library. She oversees all programs that pertain to everyone. Her staff always goes the extra mile to help patrons with their computer skills, finding and obtaining information for anyone who needs it immediately.

The staff never makes a patron wait, he or she is right there to greet patrons. The total staff here is very caring attitude toward all who enter the libraries’ doors. The staff helps patrons write resumes and helps them find jobs. They provide the best children’s programs and each program they have packs the house with children of all ages and the parents stay also.

If you visit this library you will notice how clean everything is from the bookshelves to the computers and especially the clean restrooms. They have an excellent custodian here who really cares about cleanliness.

I’m praying that this renewal passes. Teresa Deaton and her knowledgeable staff deserve this as a pat on the back for a job well done! They are the best!

Gary Donaldson

Richmond, Indiana

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