Preble County Public Records


Marriage applications filed in Preble County from Wed. Oct. 28 to Wed. Nov. 11:

Brent Fred Garnett, 27, of Eaton and Larissa Christine Schaeff, 28, of Eaton.

Timothy Scott Petry, 25, of W. Manchester and Lydia Klein, 22, of New Paris.

John Phelan Grieshop Jr., 32, of Lewisburg and Erica Lyn Hargis, 33, of Lewisburg.

Cayne Anthony Arnold, 20, of Dayton and Katelyn Malory Richardson, 19, Eldorado.

Real estate transfers filed in Preble County from Monday, Oct. 26 to Friday, Oct. 30:

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Hometelos and Home Telos to Cleo Eby, lot 595 in Eaton.

Sandra Martin and Sandie Martin to Michael Lee Watts, 65.39 acres in Jefferson Township.

Sandra Martin and Sandie Martin to Jeffery Scott Watts, 6.09 acres in Jefferson Township.

Ronald E. Miller and Carolyn L. Miller to Jeffery R. Lawson, lot 747 in Lewisburg.

Joseph M. Suman to Tammy L. Farmer, lot 1148 in Lakengren 4.

James C. Focht and Rachel E. Focht to Sue E. Harrison, part of lot 1520 and lot 1519 in Eaton.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Company and Manley DEAS and KOCHALSKI LLC, lot 157 in W. Manchester.

George J. Simpson and Jean R. Simpson to Anthony L. Pope, lot 2775 in Eaton.

Kristen Leber, Kristin Leber, and Kristen Favorite to Nancy S. Hicks, lot 119 in Eaton OL.

Richard J. Hardin Co Trustee, Carol Sue Hardin Co Trustee, Richard J. Hardin and Carol Sue Hardin REVOC, and Richard J. Hardin and Carole Sue Hardin REVOC to Christopher D. Buriff, part of lots 3, 4, 5, and 6 in West Florence.

Bonnie Wood Weisenbarger to Donald F. Woodard and Tammy S. Woodard, lot 950, 951 and Lakengren 4.

Samuel Knowles to Midfirst Bank, part of lots 662, 663, 664 and 665 in Eaton.

Kathryn R. Betsher to Betty G. Marr, part of lot 1319 in Eaton.

EVR Investments LLC to Ned Hunsucker and Joetta Hunsucker, 2.052 acres, 25.881 acres and 1.434 acres in Israel Townships.

Kenneth Michael Bolin, Michael Bolin and Joy Bolin to Chad D. Rigsby and Jade M. Rigsby 3.946 acres in Somers Township.

Capital Kondaur Corporation Trustee and Matawin Ventures Trust Series 2013 to Marcus Thompson and Faith Thompson lot 786 in Lakengren 4.

Danny M. Weathington to Alexander L. Williams and Kerstin M. Williams part of lots 208 and 209 in Eaton.

Taylor James to Leonard E. Snowden and Angela B. Snowden, lot 1936 in Lakengren 20.

Steven J. Moyer to Brain Whiteley and Andrea Whitely, lot 1682 in Lakengren 15.

Randy Michael Bolinger to Linda C. Slivkoff, 33.007 acres in Washington Township.

Cory J. Kovach to Mitchell R. Hall lot 93 in Kemper 1.

Betty G. Marr to Jeremiah South and Letta A. South, lot 1319 in Eaton.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and Lerner Sampson and Rothfuss to Darren F. Murray, lot 1460 in Eaton.

Raymond O. Tebbe and Linda J. Kreider to Travis W. Wheeler and Nicholas R. Kreider, lot 174 in W. Alexandria.

Nancy A. Phillips to Teresa Moss, part of lots 48 and 50 in New Paris OL.

Nancy A. Phillips to Teresa Moss, Winona Goldsberry and Robert Salley, lot 45 in New Paris OL.

Bradley W. Cummins and Shelly L. Cummins to Chelsea M. Severance, lot 368 in Lakengren 1.

Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Crystal Brashear lot 895 and 896 in Eaton.

Chod J. Clark to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 1 acre in Lanier Township.

Racha Miller to Christopher Carr and Christopher J. Carr, 1030 in Eaton.

JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association and Bank One NA to CR Properties 2015 LLC, lot 272 in New Paris.

Real Estate transfer filed in Preble County from Wednesday Nov. 4 to Tuesday, Nov. 10.

Betty G. Marr to Jeremiah South and Letta A. South, part of lot 1319 in Eaton.

Thomas Gillum, Lloyd Brewer and Edna Copley to Kenneth Wells, 5.023 acres in Somers Township.

Karen Hoffman and Nancy C. Wikle to Richard D. Harter and Sally J. Harter, lot 3005 in Eaton.

RKS Consulting LCC to Brain K. Spurgin, lot 306 in New Paris.

Martin Shiverdecker to Shauna L. Hebbeler, lot 2823 in Eaton.

Linda Lou Barnet to Daniel Ryan French and Brandi Danielle French, 37.728 acres in Somers Township.

Stephen K. Brown to Douglas L. Wills and Kimberley D. Wills, Condominium in Acheson Deer 2.

John W. Campbell and Karen S. Campbell to Home is The Foundation, 8.390 acres in Gratis Township.

Joyce A. Garrison to Tommy Lawson and Tommy Lawson Jr., lot 48 in New Paris outlot.

Frederick Allison C. Executor, Betty Ann Allison and Betty A. Allison to Ronald L. Shepherd, lot 53 in Eaton outlot.

Carolyn Rodgers to Rion D. Garcia, .81 acres in Washington Township.

George Frizzell and Roberta Frizell to Elizabeth Cabaniss and Terry L. Cabaniss, part lot 160 in Eaton outlot.

John H. Kramer and Deborah Jo Kramer to Jon L. Stover and Gina A. Stover, part of lot 1190 in Eaton outlot.

Ray Fields and Timothy W. Fields Executor to Toby Gallihar, part of lot 1 and 2 in Four Oaks subdivision.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Nathan Royer and Darren J. Royer, lot 399 in Camden.

Stephen B. Vanzant, Stephen B. Van Zant, Joanele Vanzant Hoce, Joanele Hoce Vanzant and Joanelle Hoce Van Zant to Abney Acres LLC, 91.635 acres in Jefferson Township.

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