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Marriage applications filed in Preble County from Dec. 3-Dec. 9:

Zachary Michael Montgomery, age 30, of Eaton and Trena Ann Powell, age 37, of Eaton.

Singh Harbinder, age 43, of Eaton and Kirandeep Kaur, age 38, of Eaton.

Peggy Sue Lewis, age 53, of New Paris and Jodi Renee Pemberton, age 45, of New Paris.

Real estate transfers filed in Preble County from Wednesday, Nov. 18- Tuesday, Dec. 1:

Benjamin A. Aikman, Lacey M. Aikman and Ronald Lehr to Kyle Simpson, Lakengren 13 lot 1759.

Jay M. Montgomery to Marcella Jones and Sally Jones, lot 360 in Eaton.

Jacob A. Kovach Administrator, Donald Ray Huffer, Donald Huffer and Donald R. Huffer to Bill Harris, lot 698 in Camden.

Charles A. Rike and Edith L. Rike to Roger L. Krull and Shirley A. Krull, 54.33 acres in Twin Township.

Barry S. Zickefoose and Beth A. Zikefoose to Steven T. Shiverdecker and Sheryl R. Shiverdecker, 2.558 acres in Twin Township.

Charles Wayne Hawn Jr., Mike Spurlock, Royce Spurlock, Darice Spurlock, Sandra Martin, Bruce Spurlock, Jana Brown and Tim Spurlock to Dennis L. Padgett, lot 1683 in Eaton.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to John G. Rettich, lot 343 in Eaton.

James E. Wagner and Patricia H. Wanger to Bruce G. Bowen, 22.908 acres in Somers Township.

Jeremiah N. Renner and Trisha A. Renner to Benjamin T. Hofacker and Trisha A. Renner, lot 817 in Lewisburg.

Todd Smith Trustee and Burnett Family Trust to Edwin Scott Branscum, lot 78 in Lakengren 1.

Bob D. Patton and Darla J. Patton to Dirk E. Earley Trustee to RECONVEY, 7.923 acres in Jefferson Township.

Harry L. Aldridge Sr. and Amy L. Aldridge to Dirk E. Earley Trustee to RECONVEY, 1.067 acres in Jefferson Township.

Danny Jeffers and Jeanie M. Jeffers to Jeremy L. Lipps and Amanda L. Lipps, 6.5 acres and 5.5 acres in Monroe Townships.

Timothy W. Fields EXECUTOR and Ray Fields to Toby Gallihar, .96 acres in Harrison Township.

William House V. to Timothy Stebbins, lot 39 in West Alex.

Matthew Steiner and Mathew Steiner to Steven O. Reese, part of lots 828 and lot 1207 in Eaton.

Geise Ryan V., Jamie N. Uhl and Jamie N. Geise to David D. Whitting, lot 1568 in Lakengren 13.

Walter S. Back to Stephen S. Grimes and Kimberley A. Grimes, 23.689 acres in Somers Township.

Elstar Enterprises LLC to Eric N. Kiracofe and Christina S. Kiracofe, lot 2154 in Eaton.

Phyllis Caplinger to Christopher Straszheim and Maira Karina P. Straszhiem, lots 1402 and 1403 in Eaton.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to James A. Bierly, lots 869 and 870 in Lakengren 4.

Franklin D. Gross, Frank Gross, Janice E. Gross and Janice Gross to David P. Matevia and Carol K. Matevia, lot 1491 in Lakengren 13.

Dustin L. Barnes to Shane Stephen Skiles, .675 acres, .03 acres and .60 acres in Lanier Township.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Luke McCabe and Luke Mccabe, lots 761 and 762 in Lakengren.

JP Morgan Chase Bank National Associations to Suted Solutions LLC, lot 1.284 acres in Jefferson Township.

Trevin E. Sears and Melissa A. Sears to Dustin L. Barnes and Carol E. Barnes, 43.287 acres in Lanier Township.

Alvin Adams, Jesse Combs and Brenda Combs to Jess Combs II, lot 461 in Deer Run 2.

Jess Combs to Alvin Adams, lot 460 in Deer run 2.

William Jordan Jr. and Patricia Jordan, to Larry J. Green, June E. Green, Eric J. Green, Brandy J. Green. 11.860 acres in Jefferson Township.

John Trimble and Laverne G. Trimble to Elizabeth R. Childress and William Childress, 6 acres in Gratis Township.

Gary Lee Crank to Marlene Libecap, lots 1350 and 1354 in Eaton.

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