2016, the ‘Year of the Covered Bridges’



Each community has its own personality. Preble Countians have a gift for being hospitable. You cannot say Preble County without talking about the Pork Festival, Bridges, Bikes & Blues or our many hometown festivals. We love our county. We are proud of our county. And we love to have folks visit.

The Preble County Convention and Visitors Bureau, a group who loves Preble County, works diligently to bring tourism into our communities. The volunteer-working board strives to promote our local attractions to an audience outside the county.

Possibly the greatest attractions in Preble County span across our waterways. Along our landscape sit eight beautiful covered bridges, some of our county’s greatest assets. We see them every day and sometimes forget how unique they are to the countryside.

Let’s celebrate our rich heritage of covered bridges sprinkled along the scenic roadways of Preble County. Our theme for 2016 is: “Year of the Covered Bridge.” Join us as we bring guests into our county to view our eight treasures. And let us not forgot our younger generation. We as a community need to instill in our children the legacy of our covered bridges, so they understand the value of their covered bridge inheritance.

We are pleased to announce a special contributor who has offered to share his vast knowledge of covered bridges. Steve Simmons, Preble County Engineer from 1984 until he retired in 2012, was instrumental in recognizing the value of saving the Roberts Bridge after a damaging fire. With the community’s support, Simmons orchestrated a painstaking move of Roberts Bridge to its current location in 1990, and a full restoration. During the International Covered Bridge Symposium in 2011, Steve hosted guests from China who were enamored with the Roberts Bridge. In November 2013, he traveled to China to view what is now called the Sister Bridge to our Roberts Bridge. To top off his career, he was instrumental in the building of our newest bridge at Hueston Woods. Simmons has a vast knowledge of our covered bridges. You will find many interesting facts to share with your families. Stay tuned!

The board of the Preble County Convention & Visitors Bureau has exciting things planned for our Year of the Covered Bridges. Be a part. Have your groups host a special event this year to celebrate our Covered Bridges and welcome our guests. Together, we can make Preble County an even better place for us and our children.

Stephanie Garrett

President, PC CVB

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