Writer: ‘Derickson is the right conservative to send to Washington’



In a time when members of Congress are at an all-time low approval rating, it’s frankly time for a shake up to get things back on track.

This person needs a record of leadership, conservative principles, and the common sense approach to standing up to Washington bureaucrats.

Ohio’s 8th Congressional District needs Tim Derickson and he has my vote this coming March. Being a dairy farmer is no easy business and Tim Derickson learned how vital it was to work within a budget and how over-regulation can make it harder for any operation to be successful.

As a member of the Ohio House, Derickson worked with other conservative Republicans to balance Ohio’s budget, fill an $8 billion deficit and cut taxes more than any other state in the nation. Not only does he support a Federal Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution understands that his time in Congress is a public service and that’s why he’s taken a pledge to limit his time in Washington.

I think we have enough career politicians as it is in the nation and that is something Derickson is not. Are you fed up with the same political rhetoric? It’s time our nation started holding our leaders accountable and we can’t do that by sending the same untested people to represent us.

Tim Derickson has been a leader for his community with a strong record of conservative leadership. He will take that record Congress and stand firm against the liberal agenda threatening to cripple our nation. The 8th district needs a leader who will work to get our nation on the right path and that’s why on March 15, my vote will be for Tim Derickson for Congress.

Roger Brandenburg


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