Parker supporting Green for commission



I am writing this letter in support of the election of Mr. Eric Green for Preble County Commissioner. I have known Mr. Green for several years and I can tell you that I have always found him to be professional, honest, reliable, genuine, but most of all, passionate about Preble County. Mr. Green is a man that has dedicated himself to public service from a very young age. He is not a politician, but rather a hard-working man that also serves the public. He is a family man that puts his family first, but then chooses to serve his community.

What I have found refreshing about Mr. Green is his willingness to listen to all individuals. Like any human being, he will not agree with you on every issue, but I can assure you that he will listen and treat every other human being with respect. It is sad that this has become refreshing in this day and age, but it is true. Mr. Green will not yell at you or degrade you based on your opinion of an issue, as so many in local, state or national politics will do. He will explain his well-thought-out belief or conclusion regarding an issue and let you decide where you stand.

Mr. Green is what Preble County needs in a commissioner. He is a cooperative leader who researches and thinks about not only the present but the future. Mr. Green is an open-minded listener that is passionate about taking care of Preble County and moving Preble County forward.

Please vote for Eric Green for Preble County Commissioner on Tuesday, March 15.

Debbie Parker


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